How to Set up a Mobile Card

1. Check Your Phone is Secure


2. Install the BC Services Card App


3. Choose to Add Card


4. Enter Your Card 

Card serial number on back

  • Scan or enter your card serial number
  • The card serial number is on the back of your BC Services Card
  • You will also be asked to confirm your birthdate. It's only used to validate your card and will not be stored on the device

5. Verify It's Your Card

Verify mobile card

Enhanced levels of security make the card more secure and help protect everyone’s privacy. This means you have to do an extra step to prove the card you're adding is yours.  

Verify your identity in person to complete a one-time security check.

Go to a designated government counter by the date in the app and tap Complete. If you can’t make it by that date, you can simply remove and add your card again right before you go to the counter.