How to Set up a Mobile Card

1. Check Your Phone is Secure


2. Install the BC Services Card App


3. Choose to Add Card


4. Enter Your Card 

Card serial number on back

  • Scan or enter your card serial number
  • The card serial number is on the back of your BC Services Card
  • You will also be asked to confirm your birthdate. It's only used to validate your card and will not be stored on the device

5. Verify It's Your Card

Verify mobile card

Complete a one-time security check to verify your identity.

Verifying your identity is important:

  • It proves the card you're setting up as a mobile card belongs to you
  • It helps protect everyone's privacy
  • It makes your mobile card more secure with enhanced levels of security

Verify your identity within 7 days of adding your card to the app. If you can't complete it within that time, simply remove and add your card again when you're ready.

Verify your identity in one of two ways:

Option 1 - Verify your identity by video call from your mobile device

In the app, choose "Verify by Video" and follow the instructions. Depending on the type of BC Services Card you have, the instructions will differ.  When you are ready, start the video call. A Service BC agent will verify your identity and finish setting up your mobile card.       

BC Services Card with Photo

Photo BC Services Card

Non-Photo BC Services Card

Non-Photo BC Services Card

NOTE: Children age 12 and under can't be verified by video. To verify their identity, you need to do so in person.

Option 2 - Verify your identity in person

Go to a designated government counter and show the confirmation number displayed in the BC Services Card app on your mobile device. Once your identity is verified, tap "Complete" right away to make sure card setup is done within the 7-day time limit.

Verify mobile card