Login with a USB Card Reader

When you log in on a computer with a USB port, you can choose to use a government-issued USB card reader. The USB card reader will read the chip embedded in your BC Services Card to identify you when you log in.

Login on Device with USB

What You Need 

How to Login

On the computer you installed the USB Card Reader software on:

  1. Go to the website you want to access that accepts BC Services Card as a way to log in
  2. Choose to log in with your BC Services Card
  3. Choose to use a USB card reader
  4. Insert the USB card reader when prompted. When it's connected to a USB port the light on the card reader should be glowing
  5. Allow the software to run if you're prompted
  6. When prompted, hold your card flat against the USB card reader for a few seconds until a successful notification appears on the screen
  7. Enter your passcode and continue login