Mobile Card

Mobile Card

A mobile card is used to prove who you are when you log in to a government service.

You can't use a mobile card as: 

  • Photo ID
  • Driver's licence
  • Health card

It's Quick and Easy

You only need to set up a mobile card once. You use your BC Services Card to set up your mobile card on your mobile device. 

  • It normally takes about 5 minutes to set up a mobile card
  • You can verify your identity by video right from your mobile device
  • You don't need to go in person, unless you can't verify by video

After you're set up, you can use your mobile card to access many government services.

You can also use your mobile card to log in on any device - such as a laptop, tablet or phone.

How to set up a mobile card

It's Secure

You must do a one-time security check to verify your identity.

  • It proves it's your BC Services Card 
  • It makes sure no one else can set up a mobile card with your BC Services Card

You don't need to create another password to remember.

  • You just need to unlock your mobile device to use your mobile card. 
  • Make sure to protect your device because anyone that can unlock your mobile device could use your mobile card to:
    • See your identity information
    • Access your data
    • Access government services as you

In your BC Services Card Account, you can see

  • The mobile devices with a mobile card set up with your BC Services Card
  • All your card activity and use

Only your name and a unique identifier is stored on the mobile device.

If you lose your mobile device, or if it's stolen, you can remove the mobile card from that device by either

  1. Logging in to your BC Services Card Account and remove it yourself
  2. Going to any Service BC location and they can remove it for you


What People Say

On June 1, 2020, the BC Services Card app had: