Discontinuing Card Reader and Passcode

Last updated:  February 8, 2021

The option to use a USB card reader and passcode to log in with your BC Services Card has been discontinued.


What You Need to Do

Use a mobile card instead of a card reader and passcode. A mobile card is digital ID on your mobile device.

log in with mobile card

With a mobile card you can:

  • Continue to access the same government services
  • Continue to use the computer or laptop you’ve used with your card reader
  • Log in to government services from a tablet or mobile device

Once your mobile card is set up you will no longer need your:

  • USB card reader – you do not need to return it to Service BC and you can recycle it wherever electronics are accepted without worry as there is no information saved on the card reader
  • Passcode – you will now simply unlock your mobile device using the security already set up on your device like a passcode, PIN, fingerprint, Face ID

How to set up a mobile card

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