Accept Card as ID

The BC Services Card is government-issued ID that eligible B.C. residents can use to verify their identity or age, and access health services.

There are three types of cards issued to eligible B.C. residents. Any type of card can be accepted to access insured health services.

BC Services Cards with a photo are most commonly issued to adults. Non-photo cards are issued to minors, people with temporary immigration status, and adults with significant challenges in completing the identification process at an ICBC driver licensing office. Some older adults (75+) may be eligible for non-photo cards.

A BC Services Card with a photo is government-issued ID to verify a person’s identity. Businesses that regularly ask for ID can confirm cardholder identity by:

  • Being familiar with the look and security features of the genuine BC Services Card
  • Checking that the person presenting the card is the person pictured on the card

Enhanced Security

The BC Services Card has security features designed to protect personal information and reduce fraud.

To report suspected fraud, please note as much information as possible, such as, the name, ID number, and description of cardholder.

For cards that have a photo, call the ICBC Special Investigations Unit:
(Vancouver) 604 661-6844
(Elsewhere in North America) 1 800 661-6844

For cards without a photo, call Health Insurance BC.

Valid ID

Use the following information to decide how and when to accept the BC Services Card as a valid piece of ID.

Photo ID: Businesses can have a high level of confidence that the person presenting a BC Services Card with a photo is the cardholder because of the enhanced security features of the card and ICBC's identity proofing processes, including:

  • In-person enrolment where individuals show proof of their primary name, birth date and current address.
  • Identification and fraud detection using facial recognition software.
  • Fraud and investigations services to detect, investigate and respond to potential card misuse / abuse. 

Non-Photo ID: A person presenting a Non-Photo BC Services Card has not completed a high level of identity proofing to get the card:

  • In-person enrolment is not required for a Non-Photo BC Services Card.
  • To increase the level of assurance for a Non-Photo BC Services Card, an individual's identity must be verified.

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