Photo BC Services Card

Eligible B.C. residents, who are already enrolled in the Medical Services Plan (MSP), can get a Photo BC Services Card to:

  • Replace their CareCard
  • Use as a reliable piece of photo ID

A more convenient option for drivers: combine your driver’s licence with the BC Services Card.

WAIT…Make sure your personal information is correct. Please check the name on your CareCard exactly matches the name on your driver's licence or BCID.

If you don't have a CareCard, driver's licence, or BCID, please bring two acceptable pieces of ID to the ICBC driver licensing office.

Follow these steps to get a Photo BC Services Card:

  1. Visit an ICBC driver licensing office. Remember to bring two pieces of ID and your CareCard, if you have it.
  2. Confirm you are a B.C. resident and have your photo taken.
  3. Receive your new BC Services Card in the mail.


There is no fee to get a BC Services Card.

B.C. Residency

When you apply for a BC Services Card, you will be asked to confirm you are a B.C. resident. Make sure you understand what this means.