Help Getting Your Card

Enhanced levels of security with the BC Services Card make the card more secure and help protect everyone’s privacy. This may mean a few more steps are required before you get your card – give us a call, we’re happy to help.

You may not have received a photo card because:

  • The name on your driver’s licence or BCID doesn’t match your CareCard.
  • You have temporary immigrant status or your B.C. residency needs to be confirmed for the Medical Services Plan (MSP).
  • You need to enrol in MSP.
  • You are under age (younger than 19 years old).

Take These Next Steps

  1. Enrol for MSP (if you're not already enrolled).
  2. Get in touch with Health Insurance BC.
    • Have your Personal Health Number (PHN) ready (or the Client Number on the Interim BC Services Card you received at the ICBC counter)
    • Phone: (Vancouver) 604 683-7151
      (Elsewhere in B.C.) 1 800 663-7100