Access to Services

The BC Services Card will provide access to government services - starting with provincial health care services for eligible residents.

Having a BC Services Card will prove your enrolment in the Medical Services Plan, which means that you're entitled to health care services. Don't worry, though, there's still plenty of time. All adults currently with MSP coverage have 5 years from the launch to renew their enrolment and get a new BC Services Card.

You can also use the BC Services Card anywhere you currently present a government-issued ID. In the future, you will be able to use the card to access other government services online or in-person.

I currently use a driver's licence and a CareCard.

Choose the convenient option of renewing your enrolment in MSP when you renew your driver's licence and take advantage of the opportunity to combine your driver's licence and CareCard into one BC Services Card.

I currently use a BCID and a CareCard.

When renewing your BCID, choose the BC Services Card to replace both your BCID and CareCard.

I currently use just a CareCard.

Adults can choose to replace their CareCard with the new photo BC Services Card shown above.

I don't have a CareCard, but would like to access provincial health care services.