Tools and Resources

Connectivity Fundamentals

A guide to the steps and considerations required to develop a comprehensive connectivity plan that aligns infrastructure assessment (Connectivity Handbook) with community development planning.

Success Factors

Five Success Factors which create conditions for comprehensive connectivity planning results.

Community Self-Assessment Tool

The Community Self-Assessment Tool identifies community strengths and weaknesses, while you develop, deploy and mature your community's connectivity strategy. This assessment provides a snapshot of progress within the key indicators identified within the Connected Communities key success factors. This allows a community to identify areas of interest and guidance in the direction of future investments and efforts.

How the Community Self-Assessment Tool Works

The Community Self-Assessment is separated into twenty-one indicators. All indicators fall within one of the five foundation elements. Many of these indicators are inter-related and can have a cascading effect upon each other. Subsequently, targeted resource management based upon these measurements can amplify your community’s capabilities to exercise and leverage your community’s desired outcomes.

Baseline Measurements

Initial use of The Community Self-Assessment Tool allows your community to quantify a baseline. From which subsequent use can track your progress along the five foundational elements for connected community success. This allows your community to demonstrate the value of programs and policies implemented between testing periods.


The Community Self-Assessment Tool is available to individuals and groups who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. A planner or government official representing a Regional District within British Columbia
  2. A planner or government official representing a Municipality within British Columbia
  3. A planner or government official representing a First Nations Community within British Columbia
  4. A Registered NGO/Non-Profit who has been granted the authority to conduct planning on behalf of:
    1. A Regional District
    2. An Incorporated Municipality
    3. The Province of British Columbia
    4. The Island Trust Council


Before conducting the self-assessment, you will be asked to gather or consult with all relevant stakeholders required to answer the assessments questions. Afterwards you will be asked to answer a comprehensive survey. Results of this survey will be processed and a report will be provided to you. Eligible participants can repeat the assessment at later dates as a means of measuring against the baseline results.

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