Success Factors

In working with B.C. communities to realize how connectivity can lead to greater well-being benefits, Connected Communities has identified five key foundational elements that create the conditions for success.

Diagram showing the 5 success factors with descriptors for each

Leadership & Vision

Strong leadership is essential for driving digital agendas forward. Communities attest that leadership vision is critical to engaging local digital champions who often serve as leaders and catalysts for change.


Connectivity transforms the way residents in rural areas live their day-to-day lives. Key enablers of connectivity: access, speed, and affordability. These help diversify economies in unprecedented ways and position rural communities to attract and retain talent, drive resiliency and sustainable growth development.

Digital Capability 

Digital capability is key to transforming communities and reinventing their futures. Greater capability enables new business opportunities and improves livability. A focus on digital literacy, adoption and skills development are fundamental to building capability. From distance learning programs to local training and college partnerships, digital capacity development extends to fostering innovation and taking advantage of new digital economy possibilities.


Internet access is an essential tool for sustainable growth and economic diversification. The digital era presents new and exciting opportunities for economic and social integration and can help foster innovative through rural and urban economic partnerships.

Community Well-being 

Healthy and resilient communities support quality of life. Inclusion and engagement are essential elements to achieving well-being through shared values and strong community identities.

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