Connected Communities

Connected Communities is a new initiative for the Ministry of Citizens’ Services to support the digital readiness of local governments, First Nations and rural communities.

The Connected Communities program supports local governments and regional districts by assisting with connectivity planning focused on community benefits and well-being outcomes. By better leveraging broadband infrastructure investments, communities can achieve greater economic resiliency and well-being through the benefits of connectivity. 

What is a Connected Community?

  • A Connected Community integrates digital innovation into all aspects of community development to improve well-being and achieve greater economic, social and environmental outcomes.
  • A Connected Community is about understanding how to optimize digital infrastructure to strengthen community resiliency.
  • Connected Communities do not happen by chance; they are digital by design. They take a holistic and integrated approach to long-term community planning.
  • A Connected Community can react and respond more quickly to mitigate threats and seize new opportunities presented by the emerging digital economy. 
  • Connected Communities are positioned to attract and retain local and global talent, diversify the economy, improve quality of life of residents and better address local sustainability challenges.

How does the program work?

The program provides education, resources and tools to assist communities in creating comprehensive plans that leverage your high-speed internet that is currently in place, while supporting local and regional planners in creating stronger linkages between broadband use, community benefit and better outcomes.

Connected Communities works with partners to think beyond just infrastructure planning and assists communities in better understanding how to achieve greater economic, environmental and social benefits enabled through high-speed internet.

We provide advice, share knowledge, lessons learned, best practices and self-assessment tools to support regionally-focused and community-led connectivity planning efforts.

We make information about comprehensive connectivity planning and approaches to optimizing high-speed internet for community benefit readily available, and help communities better navigate their connectivity challenges to achieve community development goals.

We help communities talk to the right people and find the right partners to advance their connectivity interests through the development of a community-centric digital roadmap that identifies priorities and opportunities.

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