Connecting Communities BC

Funding to expand internet services

Access to reliable high-speed internet services for everyone in British Columbia is more important than ever before. It provides access to the services people count on, and the ability to work from home or start a business – even in rural and remote areas of the province.  

On March 8, 2022, an agreement was announced between the provincial and federal governments to provide up to $830 million to support the expansion of high-speed internet services to the remaining rural and Indigenous communities who are underserved in the province. This funding supports a target to provide access to internet services for all households in B.C. with a minimum 50/10 Mbps by 2027, as well as a key item in the Declaration Act Action Plan to connect all First Nations communities to high-speed internet services by 2027. High-speed internet services will improve access to the services people in British Columbia count on, including education and healthcare, economic opportunities, and expanding the ability for local businesses to reach national and international markets.

This funding will be available to eligible applicants through the Connecting Communities BC program.

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Additional internet funding programs

For information about additional funding programs, including the Province's former funding program, Connecting British Columbia, administered by Northern Development Initiative Trust, see the Funding programs page.

Projects funded by the Province

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