The Medal of Good Citizenship Design

The design of the Medal of Good Citizenship was carefully considered and includes important elements that hold historical, geographical and cultural significance for B.C.

The silver medal bears the British Columbia Shield of Arms, with the inscription: “Good Citizenship British Columbia” on the front. B.C.’s geographic location between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains is represented by the wavy blue and white bars and the setting sun on the shield.

The reverse bears a stylized version of the Provincial floral emblem , the Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nuttallii), with the inscription “Generosity, Service, Selflessness”. The iconic Dogwood has been BC’s floral emblem since 1956 and it was the Women’s Institutes of BC, which made significant contributions to our communities and who used proceeds from dogwood lapel pins to raise money for soldiers overseas, who fought to have it included as BC’s floral emblem. The medal is suspended from a ribbon of blue, red, yellow and white to represent the provincial colours.

The medal is manufactured by Pressed Metal Products of Vancouver.  Watch the creation of the medal here:


Manufacturing the Medal of Good Citizenship


Recipients will also receive a miniature replica of the medal, a circular  lapel pin displaying the British Columbia shield of arms, a certificate, and  are entitled to use the post-nominal letters M.G.C.

Medal of Good Citizenship front & back view