Medal of Good Citizenship Frequently Asked Questions

When is the nomination deadline?

Nominations are accepted year-round. The person submitting the nomination must sign nomination forms. If more than one nomination is submitted for the same nominee, only the first nomination received will be considered.

Can I submit a Joint Nomination?

Individuals and couples can be nominated – in exceptional circumstances, nominations of organizations or groups of three or more individuals may be considered.

To submit a joint nomination, fill out one nomination form specifying both names of the nominees.

How are recipients selected?

A selection committee considers all nominations and makes final recommendations to the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council.

What makes a person a good candidate for the Medal of Good Citizenship?

A good candidate is any British Columbian who has served with the greatest humility without expectation of reward or recognition. Examples of potential nominees include local community volunteers, or those serving on a non-profit's Board without remuneration.

What are the nomination criteria for the Medal of Good Citizenship?

The good citizenship medal will be awarded to current or former long-term residents of British Columbia.

Persons holding public office are not eligible for appointment while this person is in office (Federal, Provincial, or Municipal).

There is no age requirement – youth nominations are welcome.

A person may be awarded the medal posthumously.

Self-nominations are not accepted.

How many people can receive the Medal of Good Citizenship in a year?

This medal is a high honour and only a limited number of medals will be awarded annually based on the nominations.

How does someone nominate a citizen for the Medal of Good Citizenship?

Nominations for the Medal of Good Citizenship will be accepted year-round.

All information provided is confidential and will be used exclusively by the Selection Committee.

Nominating someone is easy. An online nomination form is available: please include the nominator’s mailing address, email address, telephone number, and a summary statement briefly explaining the reasons you are nominating this person.

The nomination must be submitted electronically to and include:

  1.   Signed Nomination Form
  2.   Description of Achievement
  3.   Support letters

You may provide material in support of your nomination. See full instructions on how to nominate someone.

What do recipients receive with this honour?

Recipients will receive the Medal, a miniature replica of the medal, a circular silver lapel pin displaying the British Columbia shield of arms, a certificate, and they are entitled to use the post-nominal letters M.G.C.

Why is the B.C. Government introducing this new form of recognition?

Exceptional British Columbians contribute to our social fabric and we want to recognize that contribution publicly. Awards and decorations are an important way to reward excellence, achievement and service and the work of B.C.'s good citizens deserves to be recognized. The Medal of Good Citizenship is an additional form of recognition bestowed by the Province, second only to the Order of British Columbia.

Who will choose the recipients? How can you ensure a fair and transparent process?

All nominations will be accepted and reviewed for accuracy to ensure all required criteria have been met. An independent Selection Committee, whose members are appointed, will review all nominations and make recommendations on the selection of recipients.

I have lost or broken my lapel pin. Can this be replaced?

Miniatures and lapel pins are available for purchase by recipients only. Recipients should complete the Order Form (PDF) and submit directly to Rideau Recognition Solutions Inc. at If you lose your medal, please contact the Honours and Awards Secretariat.

I have more than one medal. What is the protocol for wearing them?

The Canadian Honours System has rules regarding the Order of Precedence of its various honours. Please visit the Governor General of Canada website for more information for the sequence for wearing the insignia or Canadian orders, decorations and medals.

Need more information?

Refer to the nomination form for more details about program requirements.