Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the B.C. government honour multicultural champions?

  • The awards recognize the people, organizations and businesses whose exceptional work helps to bring our diverse cultures together.
  • First proclaimed in February 2008, the British Columbia Multicultural Awards honour and celebrate our province’s cultural diversity.
  • The most ethnically diverse province in Canada, B.C. welcomes nearly 40,000 new immigrants every year. Almost 30% of British Columbians have emigrated from another country in their lifetime and one-quarter of the people in the province are self-identified visible minorities.
  • The Government of British Columbia organizes the British Columbia Multicultural Awards with advice and support from the Multicultural Advisory Council.

Who is eligible to be nominated for the B.C. Multicultural Awards?

  • There are five categories for nominations:
  1. Individual: Any living individual over the age of 30 whose main residence is in British Columbia.
  2. Organization: Any organization, operating for a primary purpose other than financial profit, with an office in British Columbia.
  3. Business: Any public or private for-profit business registered in British Columbia, or a British Columbia office or branch of a national or international business.
  4. Youth: Any living youth between the ages of 15-30 whose main residence is in British Columbia.
  5. Multicultural Excellence in Government: Province of B.C. Ministries/ agencies/Crown corporations
  • Members of the public are welcome to nominate themselves, their organization or their business.

How are the recipients chosen?

  • A selection panel of judges with expertise in multiculturalism and anti-racism will follow assessment guidelines to evaluate all the nominees. In reviewing the nominations, the judges will consider the contributions and achievements in regards to:
    • Raising awareness of diversity, multiculturalism and addressing racism
    • Promoting respect and inclusion
    • Creating a welcoming environment
    • Use of the award money to further advance multiculturalism in British Columbia
  • Award money is not intended for individual gain. Nominees will be asked to identify a not-for-profit organization to receive a cheque for $5,000 to be used for the further advancement of multiculturalism in B.C.
  • An award recipient in the organization or business category may designate their organization/business as the award recipient, provided they meet the qualifications.

What do the recipients receive in recognition of their achievements?

  • Recipients in each of four categories – Individual, Youth, Organization and Business – receive a Certificate of Recognition, a B.C. Multicultural Awards trophy and a cash award of $5,000 to further promote multiculturalism.
  • The Government category receives only the Certificate of Recognition and the B.C. Multicultural Awards trophy.
  • All nominees receive a Certificate of Recognition.