Partner Organizations

British Columbia Innovation Council

The British Columbia Innovation Council is the Crown agency with lead responsibility for advancing innovation and commercialization in B.C. Through partnership with government, industry and post-secondary institutions, the council facilitates the growth of science and technology in the province.

The innovation council builds collaboration between students and technology companies, and between government, industry and academia. It fosters innovation and entrepreneurship at all levels of education, from supporting science fairs and outreach to providing scholarships for students, post-doctorates and faculty.  

Working with the regional science and technology councils, the British Columbia Innovation Council supports the development of new businesses and provides training and tools to students and professionals. By supporting talent development, innovation and commercialization, the council promotes local economic growth and helps B.C. maintain its strong position in the global economy.

Premier’s Technology Council

The Premier’s Technology Council provides advice to government on technology-related issues and opportunities. It is composed of members from both the private sector and academia. The council publishes reports up to twice a year, making recommendations that aim to help B.C. attract high-tech industry investment and growth.