High Value Service Contracts

The Strategic Partnerships Office is committed to achieving maximum value from complex, high-value service contracts while ensuring outcomes remain aligned with provincial goals and priorities.

Significant IM/IT Contracts

Card Management and Authentication Service SOW (redacted version)

Master Services Agreement v-13 (redacted version)

ASD Project Information

Alternative Service Delivery (ASD) projects help the Province meet its goals of transforming the way services are delivered to British Columbians. These goals include: Maintaining or enhancing service levels;

  • Reducing costs, increasing revenue, or maximizing cost avoidance;
  • Supporting general economic development and growth; and
  • Increasing private sector involvement in the delivery of services which allows Government to focus on core businesses.

Workplace Support Services

Master Services Agreement (PDF 30mb)


BCeSIS - Common student information system for the education sector.

Ministry of Education

Summary report - [PDF 66kb]

Performance Report - 2007 (PDF 51kb)

Performance Report - 2008 (PDF 42kb)

Performance Report - 2009 (PDF 192kb)

Performance Report - 2010 (PDF 192kb)

Performance Report - 2011 (PDF 192kb)

Health Insurance BC - Modernized and improved administration of the Medical Service Plan and PharmaCare.

Ministry of Health Services

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 1.05Mb]

Summary Report (PDF 797kb)

Network BC - Telecommunications services contracts to connect B.C. communities to high-speed internet and lay the foundation for a next generation network to enable e-health, e-education and e-government.

Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Performance Report - 2008 (PDF 77kb)

Performance Report - 2009 - [PDF 410kb]

Performance Report - 2010 - [PDF 305kb]

News Update

Online Channel Office Services - formerly Service BC (Enquiry BC) Project - formerly Service BC (Enquiry BC) Project - Creates the foundation to provide consistent, seamless, and integrated access to government information and services via on-line, telephone and in-person service delivery channels.

Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 197Kb]

Summary Report - [PDF 283Kb]

Performance Report - 2007 - [PDF 74Kb]

Performance Report - 2008 - [PDF 57Kb]

Performance Report - 2009 - [PDF 171Kb]

Performance Report - 2010 - [PDF 172Kb]

Performance Report - 2011 - [PDF 165Kb]

Pan-Canadian Health Surveillance Solution - Collection, sharing and analysis of health information to assist public health officials in managing public health outbreaks.

Ministry of Health Services

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 1.79Mb]

Project Summary - [PDF 128Kb]

Property Management

Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Project Summary - [PDF 208Kb]

Provincial Human Resource Management System Partnership - Application management for human resource payroll systems and payroll processing services.

BC Public Service Agency

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 1.40Mb]

Summary Report - [PDF 480Kb]

Performance Report - 2005 - [PDF 79Kb]

Performance Report - 2006 - [PDF 86Kb]

Performance Report - 2007 - [PDF 112Kb]

Performance Report - 2008 - [PDF 112Kb]

Performance Report - 2009 - [PDF 232Kb]

Performance Report - 2010 - [PDF 272Kb]

Provincial Laboratory Information Solution - Provides consolidated diagnostic laboratory test results to authorized caregivers, across British Columbia.

Ministry of Health Services

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 1.64Mb]

Provincial Laboratory Information Solution Project Summary [PDF 254 Kb]

Performance Report - 2008 [PDF 190Kb]

Performance Report - 2009 [PDF 212Kb]

Residential Tenancy Branch - Develop and implement an online and contact center based system to support the Residential Tenancy Office.

Ministry of Housing and Social Development

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 330Kb]

Summary Report - [PDF 178Kb]

Performance Report - 2007 - [PDF 44Kb]

Performance Report - 2008 - [PDF 38Kb]

Performance Report - 2009 - [PDF 60Kb]

Performance Report - 2010 - [PDF 64Kb]

Performance Report - 2011 - [PDF 77Kb]

Revenue Services BC - Amalgamated and streamlined government revenue management processes to improve service and collection of receivables.

Ministry of Finance

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 1.21Mb]

Summary Report - [PDF 491Kb]

Performance Report - 2006 - [PDF 174Kb]

Performance Report - 2007 - [PDF 164Kb]

Performance Report - 2008 - [PDF 87Kb]

Performance Report - 2009 - [PDF 181Kb]

Strategic Transformation and Mainframe Services Project (STMS)

Ministry of Citizens' Services

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 547kb]

Information Bulletin - [PDF 18kb]

Summary Report - [PDF 561kb]

Performance Report - 2010 - [PDF 96Kb]

Workplace Support Services -  Provision of workstations (desktop and laptop personal computers) and desktop support services

Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Joint Solutions Request for Proposal - [PDF 566Kb]

Summary Report - [PDF 214Kb]

Performance Report - 2006 - [PDF 79Kb]

Performance Report - 2007 - [PDF 157Kb]

Performance Report - 2008 - [PDF 157Kb]