Red Tape Reduction

Red tape reduction streamlines and simplifies processes to make it easier and faster to deal with government.

For citizens it means fast, easy access to services - saving you time.  For businesses, it means simplified processes - saving you time and money that can be reinvested in your business.

We understand that red tape can create unnecessary confusion and increases the cost and time of doing business or accessing government services.

The Regulatory Reform Policy guides the development of all new and updated legislation, regulations, policies and forms to ensure that all requirements are necessary, that the impacts on citizens or businesses are identified and addressed, without compromising health, safety, and the natural environment.

Each year, government undertakes streamlining initiatives to:

  • reduce the length of processes and the time waiting for decisions
  • eliminate duplication
  • improve access and increase online services
  • reduce the time and cost for the public, business, and government

The combined effect of individual projects has significantly reduced the overall regulatory burden in B.C.  Examples of projects completed over the past year are available in our Annual Report.