Modernization Initiatives

All ministries review and update their regulations, policies, programs and services on an ongoing basis to keep British Columbians safe, promote innovation, protect the environment, encourage competitiveness and growth, and to make sure everyone is included and represented.

The Better Regulations for British Columbians (BR4BC) annual amendment process is one of the ways we modernize regulations. Each March, small regulatory changes are grouped together and updated at once using an efficient and streamlined process.

 2021 BR4BC updates include:

  • Around 600 instances of gendered language within nearly 70 regulations were replaced with non-gendered language, demonstrating B.C.’s commitment to equity and inclusion. 
  • Outdated forms within the Motor Fuel Tax Regulation, Provincial Sales Tax Regulation, and the Carbon Tax Regulations have been repealed and future forms are now allowed to be specified by the director under each relevant Act. This amendment aligns the approach with other forms, creating consistency within each regulation and with other consumption tax statutes and regulations.
  • The Motor Fuel Tax Regulation has been updated to define prescribed fuel dye and to clarify that the dye be mixed or stored in owned or leased locations when authorized persons are working with coloured fuel products. These changes will provide clarity for motor fuel producers and sellers allowing for more consistency, up to date information and service provision.
  • The Mineral Tenure Act Regulation was amended to enable the removal of redundant  mineral reserves when they become redundant or no longer needed for the purpose they were originally intended. For example, when an area is protected from mining and then the area becomes protected by a park designation.
  • The Mining Rights Compensation Regulation was updated to remove reference to “grouping” of titles, a term which is no longer used within related regulations. This change reduces potential confusion by removing outdated language.
  • The Re Taxation Notices for 2018 regulation was repealed as it extended the deadline for sending out rural tax notices in 2018 and is no longer relevant.
  • The BC Timber Sales Regulation was updated to remove references to a specific type of non-replaceable forest licence as these licences are no longer awarded and all pre-existing licences have now expired.
  • The Groundwater Protection Regulation was updated to improve clarity and ensure consistency of required contact information across all schedules in the regulation.
  • The Employee Investment Regulation and the Small Business Venture Capital Regulation were updated to correct outdated references and replace them with the current Business Corporations Act.
  • The Municipal Act Fees Regulation was repealed because the authority for the regulation was repealed with the termination of the Commercial Vehicle Licensing program. This change will remove a regulation that is no longer needed.
  • The Saltspring Island Local Trust Committee Referendum Regulation was repealed as the regulation is spent.
  • The Inspectors Authorization Regulation has been updated by removing a section which referenced the previously repealed Motor Carrier Act.
  • The Commercial Transport Regulation has been updated to correct outdated references and replace them with the current “South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority,” updating an incorrect and outdated reference to the name of the authority.
  • The Carbon Neutral Government Regulation was amended to update the reference to its enabling statute from the former name “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act” to the current name, “Climate Change Accountability Act”.
  • The Consular Tax Exemption Regulation was updated to correct outdated department references and replace them with "the foreign affairs department," which eliminates the need for future regulatory amendments in case the name of the department changes again.
  • The Transfer to Destination BC Corp. Regulation was repealed as it was only required to transfer the Crown Corporation and it is no longer needed.