Modernization Initiatives

All ministries review and update their regulations, policies, programs and services on an ongoing basis to keep British Columbians safe, promote innovation, protect the environment, encourage competitiveness and growth, and to make sure everyone is included and represented.

The Better Regulations for British Columbians (BR4BC) annual amendment process is one of the ways we modernize regulations. Each March, small regulatory changes are grouped together and updated at once using an efficient and streamlined process.

2022 BR4BC updates include:

  • Nearly 750 instances of gendered language within 138 regulations were removed, in line with B.C.’s commitment to equity and inclusion. To date, over 1,350 instances of gendered language have now been removed from B.C.’s regulations.
  • The Integrated Pest Management Regulation was updated to amend the requirement to notify the public of a permit application in or around a treatment location by publication in a newspaper to notification in a manner “specified by the administrator”. This modernizes and expands options for public notification of proposed activities by providing additional options where there are gaps in newspaper distribution.
  • The Minister’s Athletic Commission Regulation was updated to remove instances of “Additional Female” so that all people may follow the Association of Boxing Commissions' Unified Championship Rules. This proposed change will allow people who identify as female boxers to participate in rounds lasting for 3 minutes instead of rounds lasting for 2 minutes as noted in the Additional Female Unified Championship Rules.
  • The Missing Persons Regulation was updated to remove the outdated term “substance abuse” and replace with "substance use”. This change reduces the stigma around the use of intoxicating substances.
  • Sections within the Coroners Regulation will now refer to benchmarks, standards, official websites or policies that are updated instead of having them embedded in the regulation itself. Additionally, expense amounts now align with the general government travel amounts that are updated periodically with some latitude to reflect that witnesses may not get government rates and may need to drive rather than fly.
  • The Wildfire Regulation has been updated to remove instances of “Pacific Daylight-Saving Time” and replace them with “local time”. This change ensures that requirements for restricting high-risk activities to prevent wildfires based on the time of day is consistently understood and implemented, and equally effective in all areas of the province.
  • The Timber Harvesting Contract and Subcontract Regulation was amended to provide greater clarity for those who are interpreting and applying provisions in this regulation and the Forest Act, including licence holders and those they contract with.
  • The Class C Parks Regulations was updated to repeal and clarify sections that are administrative in nature, such as removing references to Silver Star Park as it no longer exists, repealing a section concerning the outdated Highway Act, and removing outdated references that used a former name of the ministry, replacing them with language that ties in with the minister responsible for the Park Act and regulations now and in the future. These changes streamline the regulations and update outdated provisions.
  • Outdated sections within the Francophone Education Authorities Regulation, the Independent School Regulation and the School Calendar Regulation were repealed as they either enabled time-limited transition periods, set out reporting requirements or designated non-instructional school time for teachers during previous school years. Since the noted school years have now passed, these provisions are no longer necessary.
  • Twenty-two regulations under section 9 of the Balanced Budget and Ministerial Accountability Act have been repealed, removing spent regulations as each applies to one fiscal year and has no application beyond that specified fiscal year.