Measuring Progress

Measuring and monitoring our progress ensures red tape is kept to a minimum in B.C.  Since 2001, we have counted and publicly reported on the number of regulatory requirements for citizens and businesses.

Count of Regulatory Requirements

In 2001, we created an inventory of all our regulatory requirements and committed to a one-third reduction in the number of requirements by 2004.

In 2001, our baseline count was 330,812.  By 2004, we had surpassed our initial goal, reducing the number of requirements by 40.4 per cent.  At that time, a new baseline count of 197,242 was established.

We continue to reduce our count of regulatory requirements, having achieved a further 13.7 per cent reduction from the 2004 baseline, for a total reduction of over 48 per cent since 2001.


Chart with three vertical bars showing British Columbia's Regulatory Count of 330,812 in 2001 then a decrease to 197,242 in 2004 and a further decrease to 170,140 in 2017

*Count as of March 31, 2017

See our 2016/17 Count Overview Report (PDF) for a snap shot of how each ministry is progressing.

Net Zero Increase Commitment

To ensure we don’t increase the regulatory burden on citizens and businesses, we’ve imposed a regulatory cap known as the net zero increase commitment.

Under this policy, there can be no overall increase in the number of regulatory requirements until 2019.  When a new regulatory requirement is introduced, an existing requirement must be eliminated.