Facts & Stats

How We Count

Measuring and monitoring our progress ensures red tape is kept to a minimum in B.C.  Since 2001, we have counted and publicly reported on the number of regulatory requirements for citizens and businesses. A regulatory requirement is any action or step that must be provided to access services, carry out business, or meet legal responsibilities under provincial legislation, regulation, policy, or forms.

Regulatory requirements continue to be monitored across government, with the intent of encouraging changes that simplify interactions with government.

Count Overview Report

Check out the progress we’ve made to date to reduce the regulatory burden in B.C.  

Open Data and Open Information

DataBC is the province’s online source for the data, applications and tools to help the public make informed decisions, inspire change, or develop ideas and applications. It includes B.C.’s regulatory count which allows the public to find information on the number of regulatory requirements for a particular ministry, statute, regulation, policy, or form.