Poverty reduction strategy public and stakeholder input

We received a lot of input from stakeholders and people about ideas to reduce poverty in B.C. The input will help us understand what poverty looks like in communities, and how we can best take action to improve people’s lives.

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What we heard

To inform BC’s first poverty reduction strategy, the government engaged in a broad, province-wide consultation process that asked British Columbians to share their experiences with poverty, their solutions, and their visions for a better, more inclusive province.

  • What We Heard About Poverty in B.C. (PDF, 1.8MB)
  • Supplemental Reports (PDF, 4.3MB)
    Included are:
    • First Nations Leadership Council Report – Meetings with First Nations Leadership Council and First Nations Health Council
    • Métis Nation BC Report – Métis Nation British Columbia Poverty Reduction Conversation: Regional Consultation – Winter 2018
    • BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres Report – Indigenous Poverty Reduction Consultations: A Summary Report
    • Social Planning and Research Council Report – Summary Report: Community Meetings on Poverty Reduction
    • Social Planning and Research Council Report – Summary Report: Small Group Discussions
    • Letter from the Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity
    • List of Policy Submissions
  • List of Ideas Shared During the Consultation (PDF, 1.1MB)
    • This document includes a list of the ideas received through all engagement streams. It has been edited to reduce repetition

Community meeting notes from SPARC

On behalf of government, the Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC) is organizing meetings in 28 communities to hear from individuals and families about their experiences, ideas and solutions to help lift people out of poverty. Here are the notes from each community meeting:

Stakeholder input

We have also received input from stakeholders throughout the province.

Small group discussions

Policy brief submissions