Network BC Connectivity Map

Mapping where connectivity exists in B.C. helps to track the progress of British Columbia's goal of 100% of residents having access to high-speed Internet by the end of 2021. So far, 95% of B.C. residents have access to high-speed Internet services. 

The Network BC Connectivity Map displays where in the province high-speed Internet and cellular services are available. 

The map currently displays Internet and cellular connectivity information and is powered by data that we receive from individual service providers. Because data is displayed for a large geographical area, it may show information that is not accurate in some instances. We are continuously working to improve the quality of the data that the map displays.

Consider reaching out to service providers directly to inquire as to whether or not they serve a particular area. In addition to larger telecommunications companies, there are a variety of small Internet service providers operating across B.C. who also offer high-speed Internet services. If you have further questions email  

Connectivity Map

Connectivity Map screen shot

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