Better Internet

Internet connectivity plays a vital role in staying connected with the world, providing educational and work opportunities, accessing services and communicating with family and friends. Find out how B.C. encourages the expansion of high-speed Internet access.

High-speed Internet Technology

Currently, high-speed Internet services are available to 94% of British Columbian households, but there are still areas in the province with no Internet connection or low-speed Internet connections.  Broadband connectivity is fast, reliable Internet service delivered either as digital subscriber line (DSL) sent over existing copper telephone, cable or fibre optic lines. Additionally, fixed wireless that uses radio frequency transmitted from a wireless tower can also provide broadband connectivity.

Below are some of the benefits of high-speed Internet.

  • Economic development: Writers, photographers, accountants, consultants, and tourism operators all need high-speed Internet access. These types of businesses can help communities change from a resource-based economy toward a new economic model.
  • Improved access to health care: Better access to information about health care, a better decision-making process for health management, and faster access to physicians and other health care providers means healthier communities.
  • Education and skills development: People in rural and remote areas are often forced to leave their community to seek education. People with high-speed Internet can complete high school or take part in post-secondary or mid-career education.
  • Better quality of life for First Nations: First Nations can stay in their traditional communities and learn and work online. High-speed Internet connectivity is also an important part of cultural preservation and revitalization.
  • Access to government services: Services such as registering a business online, managing health plans, changing addresses and paying taxes, as well as a wide range of other services are faster and easier when residents have access to high-speed Internet services.
  • Government engagement: Internet enables citizens to use the power of social media to engage directly with government to shape policy and decisions and use information collected by government in new and innovative ways.

High-Speed Internet Services

We review the availability and status of high-speed Internet in B.C. on an ongoing basis. Find out more about connectivity in your area or see how you can get involved in the work we're doing: