Cellular Technology

Cellular Technology has changed the way people live and do business in B.C. Not all parts of the province are connected, though.

Cellular Expansion

We're working with TELUS to expand cellular coverage and are committed to improving access. Cellular technology is constantly being added to remote areas and highways, and serivce is being improved in a number of areas that have coverage.

Since local governments have a role in identifying areas requiring cellular coverage, bringing your need for coverage to your local government's attention is a good starting point.

Cellular Technology and Safety

Cellular technology is an important tool that is critical to public safety. Expanding connectivity along B.C. provincial highways is one way government is further enhancing safety for all citizens.

Cellular phone service means safer travel for drivers, faster reporting of accidents and disasters, and better response times by emergency workers.

We're working on improving access to cellular technology, particularly in remote areas of the province.