Support for Families Working with CLBC and Another Government Service

If you have a developmental disability, you may be getting many services at once. Some of these might be from government agencies, like Community Living BC (CLBC) and a Health Authority.

If you have concerns about the services you are receiving from CLBC and another agency, the Integrated Services Support Team may be able to help.

Who Can Get Help

We can help you if you meet all these criteria:

  • You have a developmental disability or are helping a family member who has a developmental disability
  • You are eligible to get help or are already getting help from CLBC
  • You are also getting help from more than one government ministry or agency
  • You have a problem with CLBC and at least one other government ministry or agency
  • You have already talked to CLBC but the problem is still happening

We will:

  • Review your case
  • Work with your local service providers
  • Help you make choices
  • Provide other help as needed

We can help you work with:

  • Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Advanced Education
  • CLBC
  • BC Housing
  • Public Guardian and Trustee

How to Get Help

  1. Fill it in
  2. Save it on your computer
  3. Email it to us

If you have a hard time with forms, please call us instead.

After we get your message or form, we will:

  • Contact you within two days
  • Review your request with your local service providers

If we can't find a solution by talking to your local providers, we will talk to the provincial working group. If we still can't find a solution, we will talk to the deputy minister's committee.


We need to collect some of your personal information to help you. We will only share this information to help us answer your request. Your information is protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.