Healthy Aging

Making plans and decisions today will help better prepare you for tomorrow. That’s why thinking about your future well-being in areas such as health, housing, finances, transportation and social connections will give you greater control over your independence, quality of life and dignity as you age.

Aging Well

Your health as you age depends on a lot of factors. There are many conditions that can be prevented and things you can do now to prepare for future health and independence.

Aging Well is a resource to help you think about your future needs, with many tips on health and wellness, finances, housing, transportation and social connection – all the areas in life to look at so you can age well. It includes tools, inspiring videos and links to benefits and services to support you as you age.

Thinking about and preparing for the future helps you to make the most of your later years, have greater control over your decisions, and maintain your health and independence for as long as possible. Considering your future needs makes it more likely for you to age in place and enjoy your later life in your own home on your own terms.

If you are thinking about retirement, are recently retired or want to consider changes you or a loved one may face in the future, Aging Well has tools and information to help.

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