COVID-19 support for income and disability assistance

Emergency measures are in place to help avoid added barriers for:

  • People on income or disability assistance
  • Low-income seniors

Income and disability assistance

In-person service may be impacted by COVID-19. Check your local office's hours before visiting. You can avoid going into an office: 

Office health and safety

Changes to in-person services are in place due to COVID-19. To protect the health of our citizens and employees, we are:

  • Supporting physical distancing in our offices through signage, temporary shields and visual cues
  • Enhancing the cleaning services in our waiting areas
  • Posting information about proper hygiene practices and health precautions

Federal supports

Some federal benefits are exempt as income assets if you're eligible for assistance:

This exemption does not apply to:

  • Hardship assistance while applying for EI
  • Persons with Disability (PWD) designation as of April 2, 2020