Children & Teens with Special Needs Needing Foster Homes in BC

Some foster caregivers choose to care for children and teens who have special needs that require extra educational, medical, health, social or environmental support.

Each child is different and the support needed depends on the individual strengths and needs of the child. Some things to know about fostering children and teens with special needs:

  • They often require help and support with everyday activities like hygiene or dressing and feeding themselves
  • Their skill development may occur at a different rate than others
  • A significant amount of time and energy will be spent working with professionals who provide specialized services

Foster families receive ongoing support from their worker and the child’s worker – including referrals to supports such as:

  • Medical professionals like doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, speech­-language pathologists
  • Mental health services like behavioural support and psychiatric assessment
  • School district services like counselling, psychiatric testing or tutoring
  • Intervention and family support services like an infant development program, paediatric therapies, autism intervention or relief care

If you're thinking about fostering a child or teen with special needs, take time to consider these points:

  • Do you believe that people with special needs should be included in all aspects of family and community life?
  • Is each member of your family willing to share their home with a child or teen with special needs?
  • Do you have the time to be involved intensively with a child or teen with special needs, their family and a variety of community specialists?
  • Are you in good enough physical and mental health to cope with the added stress of caring for a child or teen with special needs?
  • Can you accept the fact that the child’s development may occur at a different pace from others?
  • Do you have patience, imagination and a sense of humour?

Feel free to discuss your situation and commitment with someone who knows how the foster system works: