Master Insurance Program - Frequently Asked Questions

The provincial government provides commercial general liability insurance coverage for foster parents.  These FAQ's apply to all foster parents whether engaged by the Ministry of Children and Family Development or by a Delegated Aboriginal Agency.

Master Insurance Program Coverage

The Master Insurance Program (MIP) coverage provides $2,000,000 per occurrence Commercial General Liability insurance to foster parents only for claims that arise from incidents that occur during the provision of foster care services.

The coverage insures the foster parent against personal injury, bodily injury and third party property damage arising out of the performance of the services on behalf of the ministry or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency.

Commercial General Liability insurance is “Third Party” liability coverage. A “third party” is anybody outside the foster family and for the purpose of this policy that includes the foster child. For example if a foster parent injured themselves, those medical costs are not covered under this policy. However if the foster parent accidently injured the foster child or anybody else outside the family, those claims would be covered. Similarly, property owned by foster parents is not covered under MIP (but is covered by your homeowner/tenant policy and the Property Rider), but property belonging to other people is covered under this policy if the foster parent accidentally damaged it in carrying out the foster care services.

All individual caregivers authorized by way of a valid agreement with the Director designated under s.91 of the Child, Family and Community Services Act to provide residential care for a child, whether engaged by the ministry or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency, and their live-in spouse, are insureds under MIP.

Respite/relief workers approved in advance by the ministry or Delegated Aboriginal Agency are also insured for so long as they are carrying out foster care services.

MIP is an occurrence based coverage which allows claims to be brought forth many years after the incident occurred. Documentation around respite/relief workers delivering foster care services is important so that we can track the MIP coverage back to them.

Premiums for this policy have been paid by the Ministry.

MIP has a small $250 deductible for third party property damage only. It’s a “disappearing” deductible, which means that property damage claims over that amount have no deductible at all – the deductible disappears and the insurer will pay the full amount of the claim. There is no deductible for third party injury claims.

Property damage less than $250 are subject to the deductible and are not covered by the insurer. Foster parents may be reimbursed by the ministry or Delegated Aboriginal Agency for those small losses – ask the social worker.


What The Master Insurance Program Does Not Cover

MIP provides third party liability coverage for the foster parents. It is not coverage for the actions of the foster child. However, if a lawsuit was brought against the foster parents alleging their “negligent care” or “negligent supervision” enabled the child to cause injury to a third party or damage third party property, the foster parent may have coverage under MIP.

Where damage to your own property was accidentally caused by the foster child, the Property Rider provides coverage against loss or damage to your personal belongings.

No, there is no coverage under MIP for damage to buildings or contents owned, rented, used or occupied by foster parents. Foster Parents are required to have their own homeowners/tenants insurance covering damage to damage to their residence and possessions.

Where damage was accidentally caused by the foster child, the Property Rider provides coverage against loss or damage to your personal belongings.

MIP does not provide any coverage for injuries sustained by foster parents, only for third party injuries caused by foster parents in carrying out foster care services.


The MIP Claims Process

Contact the MIP broker, Aon Reed Stenhouse, as soon as possible even if you’re not sure that the incident is covered by this policy. Foster Parents can contact the Master Insurance Program Service Team at Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.

John Giesbrecht
Tel: 250.413.2232
Fax: 250.388.5164

Brenda Petersen
Tel: 250.413.2210
Fax: 250.388.5164

Outside Victoria call toll-free (877) 388-7577

No, the claim should first be reported to Aon Reed Stenhouse. They will provide instruction as to how to proceed.