At Home Program

Last Updated: July 19, 2021

Temporary Admission Process

A temporary admission process for the At Home Program continues to be in placeIf your child is likely to be eligible for the At Home Program and appears to meet the AHP eligibility criteria, they can be temporarily admitted without an assessment.  Children currently on the AHP will maintain their current eligibility until assessors become available. To apply to the AHP, you must:

  • Apply to the AHP using the AHP Application Form found on the AHP website;
  • Provide supportive documentation from a regulated health professional (e.g. Physical Therapist or Pediatrician) describing the child’s functional need for support for daily living activities (eating, dressing, bathing and toileting);
  • Send your application to your AHP regional office.

Please note: Once nursing support services has fully resumed At Home program assessments, your child/youth must undergo an At Home program assessment to maintain eligibility.

Urgent Admissions

The AHP admission processes are unchanged for urgent admissions. Eligibility committees and regional advisors will maintain regular processes for urgent admissions.

These admissions will come to the Medical Benefits program as “urgent admits” and will need to be tracked by CYSN social workers for follow-up AHP assessments.