Childcare BC New Spaces Fund: Funding Recipients

After Application Approval

Once approved, and during the building process, applicants must:

  • Submit quarterly project status updates using the Quarterly Report template according to the schedule in their funding agreement
  • Retain proof of payment for all eligible project costs for the purpose of financial reconciliation
    Please note: Proof of payment should reflect the purchase of all eligible project costs and include the following components:
    1. Receipts (e.g. transaction receipts, bank statements, copy of the cheque etc.)
    2. Invoices with zero dollar balances or corresponding receipt of payment (if applicable)
    3. Name of company or individual from which items or services were purchased
    4. Date of purchase
    5. Itemized description of the products purchased so that the Ministry may determine eligibility

Proof of payment does not need to be submitted to the Ministry at time of financial reconciliation, however it must be provided with the financial reconciliation package for review by a licensed public practice chartered professional accountant, or for public organizations, an accountant, treasurer or chief financial officer.

After Project Completion

Within 60 days of project completion, applicants must submit the financial reconciliation package to the Ministry. This package must include:

  • The Ministry’s Financial Reconciliation Report, dated and signed by an authorized signatory of the organization certifying that the project has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications
  • The Ministry’s Itemized Expense Report, dated and signed by an independent, arm's length Licensed Public Practice Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), itemizing all eligible project costs incurred and paid by the funding recipient, as stated in the Funding Guidelines. For public sector organizations, you may have the report reviewed and signed by an accountant, treasurer, auditor or chief financial officer
  • Provide a copy of all current Community Care Facility Licences issued under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act

The Ministry reserves the right to conduct random internal audits of the Childcare BC New Spaces Fund projects. Recipients are required to retain all financial records and proof of payment that pertain to the project costs for five years following project completion.

Additionally, all organizations that receive funding through the Childcare BC New Spaces Fund are required to: