Childcare BC Maintenance Fund: Funding Recipients

Once approved, funding recipients will receive an award letter via email detailing:

  • The amount of funding awarded
  • The approved expenses

All recipients of the Childcare BC Maintenance Fund grants are required to submit a Financial Reconciliation Report listing all eligible expenditures, including invoices and proof of payment reflecting the purchase of the eligible expenses. Additionally, all recipients are required to opt into the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) for the current contract term, if eligible.

If the report does not reflect the purchase of approved items or the recipient does not enroll in CCFRI, the ministry may request follow-up information or repayment.

Financial reconciliation

Within 60 business days of funding approval, recipients must submit to the Ministry:

Within six months of funding approval, or upon immediate receipt of a valid licence, recipients must submit to the Ministry:

Additional information

Proof of payment submitted with the Financial Reconciliation Report should reflect the purchase of all eligible expenditures and include the following components:

  1. Verifiable receipts (e.g., transaction receipts), indicating the item purchased, amount paid and date
  2. Invoices with zero-dollar balances with a corresponding receipt of payment (if applicable), such as bank statements or a copy of the cheque used in the transaction
  3. Name of company/individual from which items or services were purchased
  4. Date of purchase
  5. Itemized description of the products purchased

Please note: payments made with cash will not be accepted without invoices and proof of payment of the transaction.

If only one estimate or quote is available, please contact the program area.

If, in the opinion of the ministry, the recipient’s Financial Reconciliation Report does not reflect the purchase of approved items up to the dollar value of the grant, follow-up information or repayment may be requested. Additionally, if recipients eligible for CCFRI do not enroll, a request to repay the funding may be made.

Please note: to remain eligible for this funding in the future, and any other funding offered through the Child Care Capital and Community Services Branch, an organization must be in good standing with the Ministry.

The program requires recipients to purchase only the items requested and approved on the application, as indicated in the approval email from the ministry. If all funds are not spent on these items, a request to repay the remaining funding will be made.