Child Care Subsidy

A child care subsidy or allowance is available to help parents and guardians with the cost of full- or half-day child care.

Register or Report Changes

Email the Child Care Subsidy Service Centre a copy of your licence in order to:

  • Register as a new licensed child care provider
  • Report any licence changes (i.e. amendments or renewal)

Please do not send personal or financial information.

The Benefit Plan

If a parent is eligible for Child Care Subsidy, both the parent and the child care provider will be mailed a benefit plan that outlines the subsidy amount with start and end dates.

Read the plan over carefully and report any errors to the Child Care Subsidy Service Centre. You will need the benefit plan information to fill out claim forms.

Using Your Supplier Number

All child care providers require a supplier number (also known as the vendor ID) to claim Child Care Subsidy payments. The supplier number is unique to each child care provider and the same number is used for every claim made by the provider.

Be sure to include your supplier number on each claim form in order to avoid delays in payment.

If you are a Licence-Not-Required child care provider, your supplier number may be printed on the benefit plan.

If you haven’t received your supplier number, or if you lost track of your number, please contact the Child Care Subsidy Service Centre for assistance.

Make a Claim

Claim forms are submitted monthly. Licensed child care centres can submit claims starting the first day of the month being claimed. All other providers may submit their claims starting the seventh day of the month being claimed (Note: some forms will not work in Google Chrome).

Set Up Your Computer for Forms

Please use these easy-to-follow steps to enable 'fill & print' on the Claim forms listed below.

When care is provided in the child’s own home, the parent is responsible for submitting the claim form each month and paying the child care provider (Note: form will not work in Google Chrome).

Tips for quicker processing: Claims that are submitted online using the Service Provider Portal are processed quickly.

If you have submitted documents by fax or mail, please allow:

  • 15 business days to hear from us about Child Care Subsidy benefits
  • 14 business days to process your claim or issue a Child Care Subsidy payment

Please do not submit duplicate documents as this causes delays in processing times.

Get Paid

Payment can be made by cheque or direct deposit. Arranging for direct deposit will help eliminate delays and lost or stolen cheques. Use one of the following options to set up direct deposit payments:

  • Complete the direct deposit application (PDF) be sure to mail the original application form to the Child Care Subsidy Service Centre (Note: form may not work in Google Chrome)
  • Indicate on your claim form that you want to register for direct deposit
  • Contact the Child Care Subsidy Service Centre for assistance

Once you have submitted your request, please allow two weeks for processing. Cheques will be mailed out until the direct deposit is set up.