Temporary Emergency Funding

Last updated: March 22, 2021

Temporary Emergency Funding (TEF) is no longer available. TEF was available between April 1 and August 31, 2020 to licensed child care providers who had a 2020/21 funding agreement through the Child Care Operating Funding Program (CCOF). This funding was available to help providers who were open continue to support essential service workers (ESWs) and families in their community or those who temporarily closed get back up and running when they were able.

Please see the TEF Guidelines for more information.

TEF Transition

As of September 1, all providers in receipt of TEF reverted to their regular CCOF Base Funding and can resume submitting enrolment reports through the Child Care Web Application (CCWA).

Providers should have now invited regular families who had temporarily withdrawn back to their previous spaces, unless the child aged out of their original space. If the facility was unable to accommodate the child due to staffing/capacity, the space must be offered back as soon as the facility is able.

If a family decides to not return as of September 1, it is up to the child care provider to decide if they want to:

  • Charge a fee to hold their spot
  • Temporarily offer the spot to another family until the original family decides to return
  • Permanently offer the spot to another family

How to Claim

The deadline to apply for TEF was August 31, 2020. Eligibility was assessed from the first of the month in which the Sign-Up form was received.

Providers could make a change to the information they submitted by using the TEF Adjustment Form sent to them monthly by email. The deadline to submit adjustments for all months was September 30, 2020.