Renewing Your Funding Agreement

For the 2018/19 contract term, changes will be introduced as part of the transition towards universal child care and in recognition that our providers are partners in providing safe, quality child care for children and families in B.C.

The key changes are:

  1. A quick and simple online renewal process where providers receive their Funding Agreement by email and complete an online form.
  2. Enrollment reports can be submitted early (by the 20th of the month before) so providers are paid at beginning of each month.
  3. More than one BCeID so organizations with multiple facilities can submit separate enrollment reports.
  4. Extended timelines by up to 90 days to submit the online Annual Provider Profile Survey and facility licence.

Renewal Timelines:

Organizations receive an email with their 2018/19 Funding Agreement and a Program Confirmation Form. This form has two sections: section 1 for base operating funding and section 2 to apply to opt in to the child care fee reduction initiative. 

Organizations complete the form and submit by email to the program by March 27 for expedited review and payment. To opt in for April, organizations can apply until April 20, 2018. To renew base funding, organizations have 30 days to submit the form. Organizations can also apply to opt in to the initiative at any time to during the contract term.

Organizations that applied by March 27 will receive confirmation that their Funding Agreement has been renewed for base funding and, if they applied for the initiative, that their request has been approved or that further review or information is required.


Providers go to the Child Care Web Application (CCWA) and submit their April Enrolment Report. Payments will be generated and deposited within 1-3 business days. Going forward providers will be able to submit their Enrolment Reports in advance of the 1st of each month. 

Organization can apply to opt in to the initiative for April by submitting section 2 of their Program Confirmation Form to the program by April 20.

Organizations must complete the online Annual Provider Profile Survey(s) and send an email to the program with a copy of their facility licence(s). 

For more information, see the FAQs below: