Child Care Operating Funding: Annual Provider Profile Survey

Be sure to complete the survey within 90 days from the beginning of the term of the funding agreement – it's a mandatory requirement for funding (see paragraph 14.2 of the funding agreement). Failure to submit a survey will delay payments.

Data collected from the survey is used for program planning.

2018/19 Survey

  • We have moved to a new survey tool and require some additional time to finalize in order to ensure that it is as easy as  possible to complete. The timelines for completion will be extended accordingly and providers will be notified by email when the survey is ready. Thank you for your patience.‚Äč

2017/18 Survey

  • Please contact the Child Care Operating Funding Program if you still need to complete a 2017/18 Annual Child Care Provider Profile (for funding agreements effective between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018).