Child Care Operating Funding: Review your 2018/2019 Funding Agreement and Complete a Program Confirmation Form

Once you receive your Funding Agreement package for the Child Care Operating Funding (CCOF), you have 30 days to complete a Program Confirmation Form and return it via email.

Ensure your Program Confirmation Form is complete and accurate to avoid delays in processing.



Review Schedule A of your 2018/2019 Funding Agreement to ensure that the facility name, licence, and service details are accurate.


If Schedule A is not accurate, STOP and contact the CCOF Program immediately.  Do not make changes to or write notes on the Funding Agreement or your Program Confirmation Form. Changes to Schedule A require the completion of a Change Notification Form. You can find a Change Notification Form here.


If Schedule A is accurate, proceed with the completion of a Program Confirmation Form. Ensure all fields are correct and complete.


Enclose a current copy of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act Licence(s) for each facility listed on Schedule A of the Funding Agreement.


Email your completed Program Confirmation Form and a copy of your Community Care and Assisted Living Act Licence to us at


Complete your 2018/2019 Annual Provider Profile Survey. Surveys are emailed out directly using a unique link for each facility.