Temporary CCFRI Approval

Some facilities have received an email with temporary approval to participate in the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) at their previous contract rate. This is to ensure stable monthly fees for parents, and payments for providers, while the Ministry continues its assessment of applications from child care providers who wish to opt-in to the program.

With this temporary approval, providers can continue to participate in CCFRI as long as they continue to charge the fees at their facility that were last approved by the Ministry.

Temporary approval is being applied under Section 5.3 (a) of the 2019/20 Funding Agreement, which states that your eligibility to be enrolled in and receive CCFRI payments is conditional upon you not increasing Parent Fees beyond any increases the Ministry has approved.

Your ECE Wage Enhancement application is contingent on the outcome of your CCFRI application. If your facility meets the eligibility criteria to participate in the program, and you are approved for CCFRI, you will also be approved for the Wage Enhancement.

If you have received temporary approval to participate in the CCFRI, or accepted a temporary approval on the condition that you postpone a proposed fee increase, and your facility meets all other eligibility criteria to participate in the ECE-WE, your facility will be approved to participate in the Wage Enhancement for the duration of your temporary approval for the CCFRI.  

If you receive a final confirmation from the Ministry of approval for CCFRI, your ECE-WE benefits will continue for the duration of the contract term (up to March 31, 2020). In the event that your facility implements a fee increase that is not approved under the CCFRI and/or you receive a non-approval letter for the CCFRI, your facility will no longer be enrolled in the CCFRI and so will no longer be eligible to receive funding under the ECE Wage Enhancement.

Under the CCFRI policy, providers are required to exhaust all other sources of Ministry funding programs prior to proposing an exceptional fee increase. As such, providers must apply to the Childcare BC Maintenance Fund for relevant eligible expenses before proposing an exceptional fee increase under the CCFRI. If you have already reported an exceptional fee increase associated with an expense that is eligible for funding under the Maintenance Fund, please contact the CCOF program immediately.

To be eligible for funding under the Childcare BC Maintenance Fund, applicants are required to opt in and be approved for the CCFRI. While a temporary approval under the CCFRI is not sufficient to meet this requirement, we recommend you submit your application as soon as possible. If the Ministry has yet to provide a final decision on your CCFRI application, the Maintenance Fund may approve your eligible funding request pending a final decision on your CCFRI application. If your application for the CCFRI receives final approval, you will be able to keep the maintenance funding. If your CCFRI application is ultimately not approved, you may be asked to return maintenance funding at the time of financial reconciliation.

An email reply is required from providers who have proposed fee increases that begin in April or May 2019. These providers must confirm that they agree to postpone any fee increase until after their assessment process is complete.

No response is required from providers who received temporary approval for proposed fee increases that begin June 2019 or later.

If you were asked to reply that you agree to postpone your fee increase until after the assessment process is complete, we will approve your payment once we receive your reply. If you were not asked to reply, then your payment has already been approved.

Once your payment is approved, it is sent to you the same way your other CCOF and CCFRI payments are sent. Direct Deposit payments require approximately 3-5 business days to appear in your bank account.


What if I think I got the wrong email? 

If you were asked to postpone your fee increase until after our assessment is complete, this is because our records indicate that your fees changed in April or May 2019.

If this does not match your records or you do not have a fee increase at all, we still need you to reply to the email to confirm that you will not increase your fees until our assessment is complete. We will contact you to clarify your fees.

If you choose not to reply to tell us you accept this temporary approval, we will not be able to approve your CCFRI payment until your assessment is finalized.

Please ensure you have submitted your enrolment reports to receive your CCOF Base Funding payment and, if approved, your CCFRI payments.

Applications will continue to be processed in date order received and prioritized by the date of the proposed fee increase. Due to the complexity of an application, some may take longer to finalize than others.

Please notify your parents (in writing) that you have been temporarily approved for CCFRI and that there will be no changes to their fees until the Ministry completes its assessment. Please feel free to share with them that your application is currently in process and that you expect to receive notification shortly regarding your ongoing participation in the program.

If parents have further questions, they can contact the CCOF program. The Ministry is now able to provide parents and staff with high-level information about a provider’s CCFRI application and approval status, including the status and date of a facility’s application; the high-level reason why a provider was approved or not approved for the CCFRI; and the amount of any fee increase the provider was approved for, and if a fee increase was approved to increase direct-care staff wages.