Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative - Info for Parents

In March 2018, as part of their Child Care Operating Funding (CCOF) renewals, licensed child care providers offering infant/toddler care and care for children aged 3 years to kindergarten were invited to opt in to the new child care fee reduction initiative, which began in April 2018.
The goal of the initiative is to decrease the cost of child care for parents each month. Parents do not need to apply for the fee reduction. As long as their provider is approved to participate, they will start to see reduced fees of up to:

  • $350/month for group infant/toddler care
  • $200/month for family infant/toddler care
  • $100/month for group care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten
  • $60/month for family care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten

Providers who have been approved for the child care fee reduction initiative are required to inform families with children in their care that their facility has been approved. Parents who are unsure about their provider's opt-in status are encouraged to look up their provider's opt-in status.

Provider Opt-In Status