Licensed Day Care Inspection Reports

Licensed child day care programs must follow the Child Care Licensing Regulation and Standards of Practice which set the requirements for health and safety, staff qualifications and ratios, and policies and procedures.  Licensed facilities will typically receive a routine compliance inspection every 12 to 18 months, unless more frequent inspections are needed.

Parents should review inspection reports for licensed child day care facilities before sending their child there. Inspection reports are not designed to recommend or rate facilities, or provide personal information about children in care. 

Summary results of routine and follow up inspections for licensed child day care facilities can be found on your regional Health Authority Community Care Facility Licensing website. 

Inspection reports will NOT:

  • Recommend a facility to you;
  • Rank or rate facilities against one another;
  • Issue a report card that grades facilities;
  • Provide personal information about children in care.

It is important not to make conclusions about the quality of a facility based only on the information contained in the inspection report. Before making a decision about the quality and suitability of a facility, take time to conduct additional research, gather information and ask if you can visit the facility.