Information for Parents & Families

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This information is to assist parents with child care information and support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last updated: December 1, 2020

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If you require child care for children aged infant to 12 years old, complete the Child Care Referral form.

Changes to Enrolment Start September 1

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All child care centres that opted in were able to receive Temporary Emergency Funding (TEF) until, August 31, 2020. TEF helped child care centres remain operational with reduced enrolment and helped centres that temporarily closed with fixed costs like rent.

  • Up to August 31, 2020, child care centres receiving TEF had to prioritize care for children of Essential Service Workers and not charge families who temporarily withdrew from care
  • Beginning September 1, 2020, child care centres can go back to their pre-pandemic enrolment unless otherwise directed by their local licensing officer

If you have any questions about your specific child care situation, contact your child care centre directly.

If You Require Child Care

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Many parents are returning to work in the fall and once again require child care.

Accessing child care space:

  • If you temporarily withdrew your child from care, you are now able to return to your original spot, if your child hasn’t aged out of that care type
  • Eligible families will continue to receive the Affordable Child Care Benefit, if your provider is open and charging you a fee
  • Families must follow the latest public health and safety guidelines
  • If your child care provider does not have available space, you can use the online child care referral service or contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral Centre

Returning to Care

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  • All child care centres continue to follow the Child Care Setting Practice Standards as well as public health guidance
  • Child care centres continue to make individual choices as to when they wish to resume operations
  • Contact your child care centre for information on the changes they have made to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to return your child(ren) to child care

Affordable Child Care Benefit

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Changes to the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) mean that families may continue receiving the benefit even if:

  • The child was, or will be, absent for over two weeks due to COVID-19

Read more about the COVID-19 Emergency Changes to the Affordable Child Care Benefit.

Child Care Services

Withdrawing Your Child at Any Time

If you choose to withdraw your child from care after September 1, you will still be charged to hold your spot or your child care facility may choose to give your spot to someone else.

Retaining Your Child Care Space

If you temporarily withdrew your children from care during the pandemic and your child care facility was in receipt of TEF, you have the option to go back to your original spot beginning September 1, provided your child hasn’t aged out of the space.

Child Care Hours

Each child care provider determines their own days and hours of operation. We are working to determine whether the needs for child care outside of regular hours are being met for B.C. communities.

Space Availability

Depending on the configuration of the child care facility, some providers may be unable to fill all of their regular child care spaces during the pandemic.

If you are unable to find a space, reach out to your local CCRR to clarify if there are available spaces at another child care centre.