What Families Are Saying

With the launch of its new Affordable Child Care Benefit, the provincial government is making child care more affordable for 80,000 B.C. families. Here’s what some families are saying who have applied for the new benefit.

“As our family struggled to get by on one income, we were very relieved to hear we may be able to get approval for the new Affordable Child Care Benefit being offered. We did our application and within a week were approved for an amount that allows us to have our kids in a trusting licensed childcare facility while both us parents are at work. This approval also allows us to bring in some extra income so we can afford to provide for our children.” – Kristel 

"The new Affordable Child Care Benefit has been a tremendous help to my family. As a single mum, this financial support has been instrumental in giving me the opportunity to go back to school to retrain for a new profession." Sarah

"Applying was a breeze, and the response time was very quick. I'm so grateful for this new benefit, as we can now fulfill our professional goals, and our boy can develop so many other skills we can't give him at home. Thank you very much." Coral

“The Affordable Child Care Benefit has been a huge help for my family. Before the benefit, I faced a dilemma on whether to work – with the cost of rent and my child care fees the second-highest in Vancouver. Before, I paid over $1000 for child care, even with the help of subsidy, but now I pay under $200 a month. I feel like government is investing in my child’s future and I am so happy that I can work for my family.” Jamie

“Daycare is an obstacle to success for many single parents and families. Being on the cusp of graduating my diploma program, this new child care program will not only benefit me by allowing me to return to the workforce, but will allow for my daughter to continue learning the importance of seeing her mother succeed. As a young girl in society, I want her to learn the importance of resiliency and giving back to your community.” Brittany

“When I first landed in Canada, I worried about the cost of childcare. I wanted to work to help our family but it did not seem possible until a more reliable financial assistance was implemented. Belonging to a low-income family, ACCB has really helped our finances. The process to apply was also very swift and smooth. We are grateful for Affordable Childcare Benefit and hopefully it helps more growing families like us.” Angelique

“The application process was easy and very user friendly. Being able to upload forms by simply taking a photo with my phone was a game changer for a busy mother of two. Thanks to the new benefit, my children are attending licensed pre-school and developing skills to ready them for school ahead, while I am planning the next phases of my career.”Cynthia