Gourmet Ocean Products

Gourmet Ocean Products Inc. (Gourmet Ocean) is a sustainable aquaculture company that specializes in sales of seeds and mature shellfish products from B.C.’s coast.

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The company supplies both seeds and processed shellfish products for their key export offerings, which include: premium, all-natural, wild caught giant red sea cucumber, a product highly valued in Asia for its taste and nutritional content, which includes amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and taurine; scallops, in varieties including japanese, pink, spiny and weathervane, available as live whole-in-shell, fresh meat or frozen meat; and geoduck, with a sweet, fresh sea flavour and crunchy texture,available live, flash frozen and vacuum packed, or as dried body meat. Product safety is ensured by following the Canadian government’s strict guidelines, and Gourmet Ocean is fully licensed and certified for import by the Chinese government. Gourmet Ocean was established in 2007, in Burnaby, with the opening of their first hatchery. The company was founded by leaders with industry-specific experience and success supplying seafood products to China. Following work with various government and environmental organizations, and securing a shellfish supply, the company began working with shellfish tenure owners to produce different shellfish species in an economical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.This method is designed to provide a consistent quality and controllable supply.