Sinova Foods International

Sinova Foods International (Sinova) is a natural and gourmet food supplier that delivers a world-class portfolio of food and wine brands to consumers globally.

Sinova Foods International image 2017

The company offers a number of branded product lines for export, including: SunRype  fruit snacks, a series 100% fruit snacks, such as their FunBites pouches and Fruit to Go Bars, in various flavours and sizes, which are free of artificial ingredients or nuts; SunRype Juices, made from 100% pure not-from-concentrate juice, with no added sugar, artificial flavours or colours, including their Fruit Plus Veggies drinks that offer a natural source of fibre; SunRype energy bulk, in six flavours that combine fruit, chocolate, whole grains and/or pea protein, for a healthy energy boost; Canola Harvest oil products, heart-healthy and made from the seeds of canola plants, with the least saturated fat of any common cooking oil; as well as various other brands.

Sinova was established in 2001 in Vancouver.

They offer a diversified portfolio of natural food products designed to appeal to the Chinese market. Sinova offers great passion and peerless commitment to both the consumers they serve and the brands they represent. They take pride in their strong affiliation with their natural food suppliers and growing the accessibility of natural food brands.

The company gives back by supporting local food banks and community events.