Great Bear Enterprises Ltd

Great Bear Enterprises Ltd. (Great Bear) create nutritional, coconut snack cookies perfect for a Paleo diet.

Great Bear Enterprises Ltd image 2017

The company’s flagship product is their line of Great Bear paleo bites, available in flavours including cocoa goji moji bites, lemon cran trail bites and apple cinna summit bites. Great Bear sources biodynamic, organic apples from a local town for their apple cinna summit bite flavour. These cookies are certified gluten gree, Non-GMO, vegan and organic, and contain no wheat, soy, dairy, nuts or eggs.

They are sweetened with dried fruit and coconut sugar, with low overall sugar content, while maintaining a great taste and texture. All ingredients are tracked from source to final destination and are regularly tested for gluten. A food sanitation and food safety plan at their manufacturing and business facilities ensure food safety.

Located in Oliver, Great Bear was established in 2013 by founder Tracy Lydiatt. She was inspired to make a healthy, low-sugar Paleo snack when she was involved in CrossFit training, first baking her signature cookies for fellow athletes at the gym. Today they are sold at nearly 400 retail locations across Canada and the U.S. The company has made efforts to reduce and recycle waste, while sending food waste to local farmers. The company has also participated in a YMCA youth job placement program.