SunSelect Produce

SunSelect Produce Inc. (SunSelect) is a greenhouse farming business that offers outrageously fresh produce.

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SunSelect’s produce are grown from non-GMO seeds, without the use of herbicides, pesticides or genetically modified pollen. All products are picked, packed and shipped within 24 hours to ensure they are as fresh as possible. SunSelect is one of North America’s largest producers of greenhouse bell peppers, offering red bell peppers, green bell peppers and yellow bell peppers for export, as well as tomatoes on the vine, long english cucumbers and mini cucumbers.

Food safety is a top priority for SunSelect, which they ensure by using only Certified Greenhouses, as well as through the certification of their greenhouse and packing operations by Primus Labs, a recognized food safety specialist. SunSelect also offers a product traceability program that links where the product was produced to the case it is shipped in. SunSelect was founded by Gerhard and Louise Krahn in 1985 in Aldergrove. Inspired by a trip to Europe, Gerhard brought the greenhouse production model back to their family’s raspberry farm and started growing bell peppers. Nearly 25 years later, SunSelect is still owned by the Krahn family, now operating 70 acres of greenhouses in B.C.

The company maintains a strong commitment to sustainability using a variety of strategies, including an Integrated Pest Management Program that employs beneficial predatory insects to control pests, and an innovative technology that allows them to grow their plants in coconut husks, which are nourished by drip irrigation that reduces water use. SunSelect is a Fair Trade Certified business and has implemented a Community Development Premiums program at their greenhouses, where a portion of each sale is allocated to a fund used to support community programs selected by their farmers.