Municipal Bylaws for Single Use-Plastics

Part 3 of the Spheres of Concurrent Jurisdiction – Environment and Wildlife Regulation enables municipalities in B.C. to take action on plastics by authorizing them to implement bylaws on certain single-use items.

Phasing out single-use items reduces waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and litter in communities, while encouraging greater use of sustainable alternatives. The Regulation enables municipalities to regulate single-use plastics more easily and consistently, helping to:

  • Harmonize the bylaw requirements across B.C., making it easier for both citizens and for businesses operating in multiple municipalities
  • Accelerate the transition to a more circular plastics economy in B.C.

The Regulation covers the following single-use items:

  • Plastic checkout bags
  • Drinking straws
  • Polystyrene foam service ware
  • Plastic utensils including stir sticks

These single-use items have been identified based on engagement with Indigenous communities, local governments, businesses and citizens; B.C. municipal action and engagement to date; and, environmental impact. The Regulation provides a municipality with the option to regulate all, or some of the items listed in the Regulation.

For full details of Part 3 of the Spheres of Concurrent Jurisdiction – Environment and Wildlife Regulation, read the Ministerial Order.

Municipal Single-Use Bylaws

The following municipalities have adopted a single-use plastics bylaw. For specifics on the items that are regulated, timelines on implementation, and enforcement requirements, please visit the  municipality’s website.