Support for Waste Authorizations

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Popular Topics

Visit the Waste Discharge Authorization landing page to determine if you require authorization.

Instructions, forms and guidance to apply to discharge waste can be found on the Guidance, Forms & Fees page.

Find the status of an application by completing an Application Status Search. For easy access, enter the tracking number or authorization number for the application. This provides information on the application including the status or stage in the process, authorization type, target date for completion, and associated complexity.

For information related to amending or cancelling an authorization, visit the Make Changes to an Authorization page.

Find a copy of a waste discharge authorization by completing a Document Search. For easy access enter the tracking number or the authorization number directly. For more information on how to search for a document see the Search Status & Documents page.


Where can I view a list of Waste Discharge Authorizations

and their associated discharges?

A subset of information from the Authorization Management System (AMS) database is available for you. This is an up to date list of the current authorizations in excel format that you may sort and search. It can be found on the Search Status & Documents page. On this page scroll down to the section entitled Search and Sort the Authorization Database.


 Who can I talk to about a pre-application form

or a complete application that I submitted?

Please contact the staff person provided to you in your most recent correspondence from us.


Have more questions?

Please use our contact form for further assistance. Have more questions?