Environmental protection flood response

Find guidance on managing debris during flooding as well as information on the water quality impact of floods.

Last updated: December 16, 2021

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Managing debris due to flooding

What to do with:

Flood debris

Local governments, Indigenous communities and the public can find guidance on what to do with flood debris:

Flood damaged drywall

Local governments, Indigenous communities and emergency coordinators can find out how to safely collect and dispose of drywall containing asbestos:

A liquid-manure overflow risk

Due to flooding, there is a risk of liquid manure releases from storage systems in the Metro Vancouver or Fraser Valley Regional Districts. An order has been issued requiring all agricultural operators in the area to contact the ministry.

Find details of the order and what to do below:

Displaced soil and gravel

Find guidance on how to manage displaced soil and gravel due to floods:

Water quality and flooding

The recent floods in B.C. have led to concerns about water quality. In response, a surface water sampling program has been created for the Abbotsford and Sumas area.

Learn about what monitoring steps are being taken: